Teeth in a Day

‘Smile, and the whole world smiles with you’.

If you are too embarrassed by your teeth to smile, we’ve news that can change that.

With today’s technology dentists are now able to provide permanent fixed teeth in just one day for those who have no teeth at all! This is thanks to dental implants, which are essentially titanium posts that replace the roots of teeth, with a porcelain crown on top.

Dental implants have very successful results for replacing missing teeth and have been proved to be the longest lasting tooth replacement option available to date. Implants are now considered the gold standard for any tooth replacement.

Implants also avoid the need to cut down existing healthy teeth for bridge fabrication. Taking this into consideration, dental implants are a relatively cost efficient option.

If you’re thinking of improving your smile, make sure you are fully informed of all your options and if your dentist doesn’t do the implant work themselves, they should refer you to somebody who does.

If choosing implants, make sure the implants come from a reputable company.

Wishing you a beautiful smile!

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