General Dentistry

At The Dental Suite we are committed to providing advanced dental treatment in a relaxed and comfortable environment. In addition we also offer the essentials you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums – from fillings to hygiene.

For those less able to visit our surgery in person we are pleased to offer a limited number of home appointments and domiciliary visits. Please enquire for details.

Emergency Dental Care

We aim to treat emergencies within 24 hours

IV (Intravenous) Sedation

If you suffer from high anxiety at the thought of visiting a dentist then we offer IV sedation. IV Sedation is a proven method to help overcome your fears.

The Dental Wand

Many people are reluctant to visit a dentist because of a fear of pain and injections, usually resulting from a previous bad experience. We aim to reduce this fear by using an alternative method of administering local anaesthetic – the Dental Wand.


Flexible cosmetic dentures are constructed from a biocompatible non-allergenic nylon material; this non-metallic material provides a high degree of flexibility and durability which allows the dentures to fit comfortably around existing teeth and gums.

Healthy Gums & Hygiene Treatments

At The Dental Suite we provide a consultation preventative dental care service to give you advice and instruction about how to maintain good oral and dental health.

White (Mercury Free) Fillings

At the Dental Suite we look first at the safety and well-being of our patients; this is supported by our practice of amalgam free fillings.

Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a tooth shaped cap that is placed over what remains of your existing tooth. Crowns are ideal to restore your smile when a tooth becomes chipped or broken and the root remains strong and firm

Tooth Extraction

No one wants to lose a tooth but sometimes extraction is the only answer to relieve your pain or to make space in an overcrowded jaw. Teeth normally need removing after tooth decay, periodontal disease or dental trauma.

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