Snoring Devices

The main cause of snoring is the partial closure of the airway during sleep. During sleep muscles in the neck relax and for many people the soft tissue in the upper throat vibrates, making the sound we know as snoring.

The Causes of Snoring

People who snore are often made to feel guilty, however the cause of snoring could be beyond their control.  Factors can increase the chance of snoring, such as:

  • Physiology – The shape of the airway in some people makes snoring more likely.
  • Being Overweight – Excess body fat increases the chances of snoring.
  • Lifestyle – Some people snore after drinking alcohol or taking sleeping tablets due to the extra relaxation caused in the neck and throat.
  • Age – As we age weaker throat muscles increase snoring.

Studies have shown that the lack of sleep caused by snoring has a large impact in our day to day lives such as :

  • a lack of energy
  • daytime sleepiness
  • higher stress levels due to fatigue
  • poor motivation
  • accidents related to driving while tired
  • less effectiveness at work effecting remuneration and career progression
  • reduced sex drive
  • higher chance of developing heart disease

Snoring appliance costs only £375. This can be paid for in easy monthly terms using our interest free finance plan options.

Different snoring treatments are available, book a consultation with one of our team to discuss which would work best for you.

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