Crowns and Veneers

Where your current teeth are healthy but not the shape, colour and position you need to achieve a perfect smile, crowns and veneers provide ideal solutions. Veneers are where a thin layer of natural porcelain is fitted individually over the front of your teeth, leaving your existing teeth in place.

In comparison a crown is a tooth shaped cap that is placed over what remains of your existing tooth. Crowns are ideal to restore your smile when a tooth becomes chipped or broken and the root remains strong and firm.

Crowns can also be used when a tooth simply has not grown enough to match the rest of your teeth. Crowns can be made from gold or porcelain. The Dental Suite is unique in our area as we offer same day treatment for the manufacture on-site of CEREC crowns.

Whatever solution we recommend, our aim is always to give you the natural, flawless smile you desire. We carefully advise the best shade for a crown or veneers that will complement your skin tones as well as achieving a natural looking smile, matching this to the shade of any surrounding teeth.

To make your veneers fit flawless we remove as little as possible of your existing enamel to ensure a smooth fit. Moulds are taken and then temporary veneers are fitted over your teeth which will protect your teeth whilst your permanent veneers are made, which usually takes 7-10 days.

A final appointment is then needed to fit your permanent veneers in place. Veneers are designed to last between 10 to 15 years but may last longer if maintained well.

Veneers start from £600.00 (multiple units).

Single porcelain crowns start from £750.00. All treatments can be paid for in easy monthly terms using our interest free finance plan options.

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