White Fillings

We can replace your existing metal amalgam fillings containing mercury with natural resin based composite fillings, coloured to match your teeth. Safe and long lasting, it’s a quick and easy way to make your smile more dazzling.

If you are more than a few years old the chances are your original fillings were made from silver coloured mercury. At the time this was the approved material due to its malleability and durability. However over time the popularity of these unsightly and potentially harmful mercury fillings has diminished. Also the chances are if you had fillings when you were a child these will be wearing out and needing replacing.

Composite ‘white’ fillings are a popular and safe alternative. The shade, translucency and texture can be matched to your existing teeth. Removing and replacing your metal amalgam mercury fillings with composite white fillings can be achieved painlessly with our efficient modern anaethestics.

White fillings cost from £110.00

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